Vaginal Rejuvenation

At Mommy Makeover Tijuana, the procedures typically involved in a 'mommy makeover' are breast augmentation and breast lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction.
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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure to improve and strengthen the vaginal muscles that have loosened over time due to pregnancy and aging.

As a result of aging, and especially following childbirth, many women find that their vaginal muscles have weakened and stretched. This can make intercourse feel less pleasurable for both the woman and her partner.

A vaginoplasty can help you regain the sexual pleasure in your love life by tightening up the muscles in your vagina.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

You will be placed under general anesthesia or local sedation. The surgery normally takes less than one hour. Dr. Rafael Camberos will make small incisions inside the vaginal area to join the loose muscles and shorten them.

The vaginal opening will also be tightened. All incisions are then closed with dissolvable threads.

This ensures that our vaginoplasty patients do not have to attend the clinic to have sutures removed at a later date.

Best Candidates

The best vaginoplasty candidates are women who have found that intercourse has become less pleasurable due to the stretching of their vaginal muscles.

Women who are currently pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant are not good candidates for this surgery.

Preparing for surgery

At Mommy Makeover Tijuana, we understand that discussing vaginoplasty to be difficult. Dr. Camberos will take your concerns seriously, and will treat you with kindness, consideration and dignity, as we do with all of our vaginal tightening patients

You will be given full instructions on how to prepare for your vaginoplasty surgery, and will require a gynecological examination and pregnancy test.

Vaginal rejuvenation recovery

Following your surgery you will need to gently wash the area with soap and water regularly. There will be slight swelling and bruising for 2-4 weeks.

Some pain may be present for approximately one week following the surgery, but there is generally very little pain associated with this operation.

A prescription for pain medication and antibiotics is given to all of our vaginoplasty patients prior to their surgery to assist with the pain and to prevent any infection.

You should refrain from any vaginal insertion for 6 weeks, including intercourse and tampons. This will allow the incisions to heal completely and prevent any reopening.

You should also avoid heavy lifting and exerting too greatly while defecating as this may negatively affect your healing. The sutures will dissolve and come out on their own.

You should be able to return to work one week after surgery, and resume a light exercise routine. Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks.